Are You Trying To Decide On A DJ vs Live Music For Your Upcoming Event?

One of many questions that we’re asked here at EME is if we can combine a live band and a DJ. The answer is absolutely! There are many ways to create the perfect custom blend of music for your event.

Breaking up your event into segments can help identify where the entertainment can be changed up and integrated into a memorable and personalized experience. For example, at a wedding: the ceremony could have a classical trio for a traditional, elegant air. Or for a trendier approach you can choose a solo acoustic guitarist or ensemble to incorporate the music from any genre you wish, including current Top 40. The cocktail hour could showcase live music as well, or you can opt for a custom playlist of your music of choice.

Another spin is having any size wedding band and a DJ for your reception. With this combination the ideas are endless. For instance, the band can perform special songs – the first dance, parent dances – and they can even perform during dinner as a smaller ensemble. Or the DJ can play the original artist for some of these special dances and in general the band and DJ will alternate according to your design.

For a surprise party or a corporate event, or any gathering where the guests are waiting, an option could be a jazz combo during cocktails as people mill about socializing, then switching to a DJ/Emcee once the guest(s) of honor have arrived. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs that are looking to create a unique experience can seamlessly blend live music and a DJ, as well as Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera Princesses seeking to impress.

Honestly, there are countless ways to incorporate live music and DJ services. The precise ratio of live music to DJ music is entirely up to you. Of course, if you would like guidance, the professionals here at EME would be more than happy to recommend ideas to help create a one of kind affair. Some approaches work towards creating a “big moment,” some build the energy throughout your party, and still others focus on offering the greatest variety of music for guests to enjoy.

Creating experiences that make beautiful memories … this is what EME Edgar Music Entertainment is all about.

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